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Top CEOs trust Mochary Method for the practical tools they need to be effective leaders, provide top-notch products and services to clients, and lead their industries.

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Trusted by CEOs of leading companies, including:

  • Image of Sam Altman, CEO, OpenAI

    "Matt’s coaching has brought me clarity, focus, organization, less stress, higher performance (me and the team). I have always been skeptical of coaches but I think he can 10x the output of a lot of people and I hope he does!"

    Sam Altman

    CEO, OpenAI
  • Image of Brian Armstrong, CEO, Coinbase

    "Matt has demystified growing a company by breaking it down into simple steps. These are the essentials that every company should implement to operate more effectively."

    Brian Armstrong

    CEO, Coinbase
  • Image of Max Rhodes, CEO, Faire

    "Scaling a company is really hard, especially if you've never done it before. I’m constantly looking for resources to help me figure it out. Matt and the materials he’s created are among the most impactful resources I’ve found for figuring out how to scale a startup. The tools, systems and practices he has developed are immediately applicable and have helped me become meaningfully better as a CEO."

    Max Rhodes

    CEO, Faire
  • Image of Pat Grady, Partner, Sequoia Capital

    "The value of Matt’s coaching to me has been: 1: effective mechanisms for prioritizing things that are important over things that are urgent 2: ability to think through the things that are important and distill them down into actionable steps 3: more confidence in myself to get important things done and to grow into being a better leader over time 4: as a result of that confidence, a generally more optimistic/upbeat/happy cadence at work 5: less stress"

    Pat Grady

    Partner, Sequoia Capital
  • Image of Ryan Petersen, Founder, Flexport

    "Matt has developed a repeatable set of operating principles that high growth companies can use to improve their businesses as they scale. By implementing his models at Flexport, we've improved our processes for strategic planning, running meetings, making decisions, sharing information, and resolving conflicts. I'm grateful for Matt's hard work to help us reach our full potential."

    Ryan Petersen

    Founder, Flexport
  • Image of Stephen Smith, CEO, nOCD

    "I don’t think I could have made it through my Series A raise without Quinn. He helped me develop techniques to quickly destress and persevere through this grueling fundraising round. I believe about 80-90% of people (including myself) would have been burned out without his advice. On the emotional side, he also helped me calm my nerves and give me strategies so I didn’t lash out at a board member, which honestly could have ended my career. The big picture is when I needed help the most, Quinn put me in the right mindset. I learned how to detach from work when I was away from the office, feel less overworked, and have a greater peace of mind. I’m very grateful for the work we did together."

    Stephen Smith

    CEO, nOCD
  • Image of Steve Huffman, CEO, Reddit

    "Matt is an incredible coach. He transformed the way I work, and the way I think about work literally overnight. There are a couple of dimensions to Matt’s effectiveness: I would wholeheartedly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to learn to be a more effective leader, have better relationships, and carry less stress while also being more productive."

    Steve Huffman

    CEO, Reddit
  • Image of Peter Fenton, GP, Benchmark

    "Matt’s coaching has brought me: A good-hygiene framework to consciously prioritize what really matters above all else making commitments against those priorities, and a way to really be honest about follow through Higher levels of awareness and trust not just here but in all the work I do A desire to help others go on a similar positive journey A friend!"

    Peter Fenton

    GP, Benchmark
  • Image of Henrique Dubugras, Founder and Co-CEO at Brex

    "Matt has made an enormous difference on me, and by extension, to the entire team at Brex. I am grateful for the time he dedicates to helping me solve my own problems, bringing incredible focus, empathy, and bias for action to our coaching sessions. The structure of our time is highly customized to my leadership style, and I am motivated by the early results. Specifically, my level of accountability and strategy for delegating have improved enormously. I wish that more people, including my executives and rising leadership team, could have a resource as dedicated and razor-sharp as Matt to counsel them through the good and bad times of growing a business."

    Henrique Dubugras

    Founder and Co-CEO at Brex
  • Image of Luqman Shantal, CEO, Makman Technology Consulting

    "The Mochary Method is not your typical coaching program. It’s run by expert business coaches, not salespeople with scripts, and is designed to bring about a transformational experience."

    Luqman Shantal

    CEO, Makman Technology Consulting
  • Image of Levi Bucsis, CEO, Momentum Dashboard

    "Alexis created a connection with me almost immediately, which laid the foundation for us to discuss the vulnerable and challenging aspects of running a business. With his own background as a CEO and his empathic qualities, I easily felt that my thoughts and feelings were understood. He was able to use his background and the Mochary Method to provide me with useful, actionable insights into how to move forward."

    Levi Bucsis

    CEO, Momentum Dashboard
  • Image of Stephanie Ping, CEO, WORQ

    "Celine is always able to distill a situation and identify the crux of the problem very strategically. She is also able to guide me to an innovative, and oftentimes non-obvious solution. Merely talking to her always (generates) an "Ah ha" moment and I feel like Celine "gets me."

    Stephanie Ping

  • Image of Justin Kan, Former CEO, Atrium

    "Matt’s coaching has changed my life at work and at home. I am able to better name and communicate my emotions, which has allowed me to drive towards underlying interpersonal issues faster and more deeply. I also have been able to have more difficult conversations and get my exec team much more aligned. These may sound like very simple things, but they have been incredibly powerful techniques to drive positive change in a very short period of time. I wish there were 1,000 Matts to coach every CEO of every startup. I shudder to think about how much further I could have gone earlier if there was someone like Matt in my life as a coach in earlier companies I built. He is a positive, emotionally aware, and loving person. I love spending time with Matt, and look forward to seeing him every time we meet."

    Justin Kan

    Former CEO, Atrium
  • Image of Max Tremaine, CEO, Sherpa

    "Coaching with Faith has been like cooking with gas for adopting the Mochary Method. My team has found the MM curriculum empowering while prioritizing and coordinating, which has aligned us toward our most important goals. Faith’s coaching has aided this process considerably, but it has also made me a more thoughtful and eloquent leader. Start early, you will be happy."

    Max Tremaine

    CEO, Sherpa


Matt Mochary and his coaching team are the most sought-after CEO coaches in the industry.

Here are just a few ways our coaches help our clients:

Implement our tactical frameworks for running a great company

Implement frameworks for running meetings, 1-1s, giving feedback, setting OKRs, and more.

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Make better decisions

By creating a space for deep thinking and learning about the different types of decisions and how to make them.

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Deconstruct limiting beliefs

By learning to ask questions, shift out of fear, and process feelings and the stories you tell yourself.

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Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Image of Celine Teoh, Coach in residence at Mochary Method
Celine Teoh
Coach in residence

Celine has spent hundreds of hours coaching and advising leaders at seed-stage startups, to venture-backed growth companies....

Image of Georgia Dienst, Coach in residence at Mochary Method
Georgia Dienst
Coach in residence

Georgia’s coaching clients have included executives from 21Shares, Cardless, Ramp, K Health and EntrepreneurFirst.

Image of Faith Meyer, Coach in residence at Mochary Method
Faith Meyer
Coach in residence

Faith’s CEO, executive & investor clients have included OpenAI, Going, Mendel AI, Sword Health, Cubby Beds, Kintsugi, Connext & more.

Image of Alexis D’Amecourt, Head of Coaching at Mochary Method
Alexis D’Amecourt
Head of Coaching

Alexis coaches Founders/CEOs, execs, and investors from Opensea, Parallel Learning, Nash, Snapdocs, Luminai, Truework, ...

Image of Matt Mochary, CEO and Coach at Mochary Method
Matt Mochary
CEO and Coach

Matt has coached the leaders of Angelist, Brex, Coinbase, Sequoia, Grammarly, Attentive Mobile, Flexport, Plaid and Reddit.

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